Street Kings Logo

Thanks to the distinction of ability, provided by the three divisions, we are able to put on fights of a highly competitive nature. Our mission statement is to match fighters like for like, resulting in unpredictable and explosive action.Will Martin


This year we are forming a fighting league, featuring some of the country’s toughest men. The cinematically titled ’Street Kings’ event features three divisions of fighters, selected on progressive levels of ability. There is not cage or ring. Action takes place on a mat, mimicking the street fighting environment that some of these men have faced in their checkered pasts.

Instead of encouraging street violence, we are providing a platform where competitors can exhibit their talents in a controlled and regulated environment. Medics, referees and officials run rule on the bouts and fighters are required to wear a full range of protective clothing, including gloves, gum shields and groin guards. Despite our theatrical association with street combat, our competition is still a sport and athlete safety must be considered at all times.

The first tournament in this format featured street hardened men like Robert Sosa and Nathan Dixon pitting their strength and aggression against Polish MMA stars Jack Rolinski and Kryzstof Nowakowski. Despite having no competitive fighting experience, Dixon’s raw power steered him to an unlikely victory against former Hardest Man finalist Nowakowski.

Sosa and Rolinski played out a brutal game of striking and evasion with the fight spilling into the crowd on numerous occasions.

Nathan Dixon proved that street smarts and natural toughness can be more than a match for a trained athlete, given the right conditions.Jarrod Speed, Hardest Man Founder

We are currently looking for more venues suitable to hosting a Street Kings tournament. If you are the proprietor of a boatyard or large warehouse, and would like to see it used for an exciting combat event, please get in touch via the contact page.